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Thursday, June 27, 2019
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 High School Financial Planning Program

The NEFE HSFPP was designed and developed around a special type of education called performance-based learning. With performance-based learning, students take what they learn and apply it directly in the course of each unit. Carefully designed exercises and activities move the student step-by-step toward each of the seven core competencies that the program teaches. In the process, students

  • Create their own financial plan
  • Create their own budget
  • Propose a personal saving and investing plan
  • Select strategies to use in handling credit and managing their debt
  • Demonstrate how to use various financial services
  • Create a personal insurance plan
  • Examine how their choice of career and lifestyle will affect their financial plan


Along the way to learning these seven lessons, students also learn dozens of related skills, all designed to help them see how easy and important it is to manage their resources. The NEFE HSFPP turns the focus on the students, so the curriculum is not about creating a budget, but creating THEIR budgets, THEIR financial plan, THEIR saving plan, and THEIR investing plan. That’s right; the NEFE HSFPP personalizes learning so that students can immediately begin to apply learned skills in their own life. NEFE HSFPP Correlated to Educational Standards in all Fifty States.  

Learn More

To learn more or to bring the Junior Achievement or NEFE High School Financial Planning Program to your school FREE OF CHARGE please contact one of our Financial Counselors at 830-778-7675 or 7677.

To learn more about NEFE HSFPP please visit:

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