Monday Apr 21

ATM Locations

Del Rio ATM Locations:

BFCU Bedell Office (Drive Thru Lane)              

2211 N. Bedell Ave.

BFCU Bedell Office (Inside the Lobby)

2211 N. Bedell Ave.

BFCU Gibbs Office (True Value)

600 E. Gibbs St.

BFCU Gibbs Office Drive Thru

600 E. Gibbs St.

Laughlin AFB Branch Office

583 Liberty Dr., L.A.F.B.

LAFB Fiesta Center

235 Liberty Dr., L.A.F.B

Las Vegas Express

2568 Cienegas Rd.


100 Johnson Blvd.

Val Verde Regional Medical Center

801 Bedell Ave.

Mini Mart #2

909 Veterans Blvd.

H-E-B Supermarket

200 Veterans Blvd.


Eagle Pass ATM Locations:

Eagle Pass

2888 E. Main St.

Eagle Pass Branch (Drive Thru Lane)

2080 N. Veterans Blvd.

Eagle Pass Branch (Inside the Lobby)

2080 N. Veterans Blvd.

B&B Food Mart

1890 Del Rio Blvd.

Routing # 314985662 * NMLS# 509503*

BFCU Toll Free # 1-800-580-3503 * Local # 830-774-BFCU