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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

BFCU Loans

Whether you're looking to consolidate debt, finance major purchases, have unexpected expenses or need a vacation our variety of loans can help.

•Must be a BFCU Member (If you are not a member, please see our Membership Requirements)

Application Checklist:

Here are a few things we'll need to know:

•How much you want to borrow for your loan?
•How long you would like to finance your loan?
•Current Employment and Income (Including your Employer's name and contact information)
•Your contact information (Address,Phone Number and E-Mail Address)
•Informaiton about your Co-Applicant (Date of Birth, Address, Phone Number, Income, Social Security Number)

Information Required When Applying for a Vehicle Loan:

•Complete a loan application by applicant(s)
•Proof of verifiable income for each applicant(s)
•A Payment book (with address, account number, and phone number of financing institution)
•Vehicle Contract and Purchase Order
•Proof of Automobile Insurance
•Vehicle Inspection (conducted by BFCU Staff)

Information Required When Applying for a Signature Loan:

•Complete a loan application by applicant(s)
•Indicate purpose and amount on application
•Proof of income for each applicant(s)Complete a loan application by applicant(s)
•Indicate purpose and amount on application
•Proof of income for each applicant(s)

Please note: There is a $7.00 loan application fee that will be deducted from the members share (savings) or share draft (checking) account; whichever is available. Fee will be reimbursed if loan is approved and disbursed.


Mission Statement

BFCU's mission is to serve the community of  member - owners by providing diverse, competitive and progressive financial services to improve the financial well being of our members and their familes.

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