Visa® Credit Card

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is Border FCU issuing new VISA® credit cards to current cardholders?

A: Border FCU is excited to announce improvements to our credit card program, including enhanced security with the new EMV chip and a new card design while continuing online access to view your account and electronic statement availability.


Q: When will this change occur?

A: Border FCU will begin to mail out new VISA® credit cards on August 26, 2019. If you do not receive a new credit card by September 12th, please call (830)774-2328, or visit one of our branch locations near you.


Q: Will the new card look the same?

A: NO. The new VISA® credit card will have a new and enhanced look!


Q: Will my card number change?

A: YES. Since Border FCU is issuing new VISA® credit cards, all credit card numbers will change.


Q: Do I have to request a new VISA® credit card?

A: NO. If you currently have a VISA® credit card with Border FCU, you will automatically receive a new VISA® credit card during the reissue period.


Q: What should I do once I receive my new card?

A: Once you receive your new VISA® credit card, activate it by calling (800)631-3197, found on the sticker on the front of your new credit card.


Q: I use my credit card at the ATM to withdraw funds.  Will I get a new PIN? 

A: You will need to create a PIN for your new card after new credit card has been activated.  Call (888)886-0083 and follow the instructions and select your unique PIN.  For PIN selection, you will need to call from the phone number that we have on file so please contact your local branch to ensure this information is up to date.


Q: Are there costs or fees associated with replacing my current VISA® credit card?

A: NO.  There is no fee associated with getting your new credit card.


Q: Will the rate and terms change for my current VISA® credit card?

A: NO. Your current VISA® credit card rate and terms will remain the same.


Q: Will my existing card alerts be converted to the new card?

A: NO. You will need to establish alerts for your new VISA® credit card.  Please visit for updates on the launching of the new link.


Q: How long can I continue to use my current VISA® credit card?

A:  Once you receive your new VISA® credit card and have successfully activated it, you can destroy the old credit card by cutting it up. You may continue using your old VISA® credit card until September 23rd. After that date, all activity will be discontinued on the old card.


Q: I have merchants that charge my VISA® credit card monthly. Will I have to notify those merchants?

(Ex. Netflix, insurance companies, Amazon, Apple, utilities)

A: YES. You will need to contact all merchants with which you have automatic charges to your current card and provide them with the new card number and expiration date.

Q: Will I receive a VISA® Guide to Benefits with my new card?

A: YES. A new VISA® Guide to Benefits will be mailed out separately for existing card holders after conversion date.


Q: Will I be able to make a payment through my current online banking application (

A: NO. The current online banking payment link will cease to function on August 22nd and the new link will be posted on Border FCU’s website on August 26th where you will need to setup for access. Full functionality (such as making a payment and setting up for e-statement) will be available in the coming days after August 26th. Continue to check the new link for continued enhancements.

Q: Will the Member Service number remain the same?

A: NO. The new Card Support and Lost or Stolen Card number will be (866)583-5051 or call collect (727)299-2449 if outside of the United States.


Q: What number do I call if I suspect fraud on my new card?

A: The new Card Support and Lost or Stolen Card number will be (866)583-5051 or call collect (727)299-2449 if outside of the United States.


Q: Is there a 24/7 telephone number where I can call for inquiries?

A: YES.   Call (866)583-5051 or call collect (727)299-2449 if outside of the United States for balance inquiries, payment information, transaction history, statement requests or to dispute a charge.   


Q: I’m traveling out of the country.  Do I need to place a special status on my card so I can use it while traveling?

A: YES. Call (866)583-5051 or call collect (727)299-2449 if outside of the United States and provide us with a list of the cities you will be visiting and the dates you plan to be there.    

Q: Will the payment mailing address change?

A: YES. The new address to mail payments is P.O. Box 660493, Dallas, TX 75266-0493.

Q: Will I be able to make a credit card payment on my VISA® credit card from my BorderFCU checking or savings account through BorderFCU Mobile App or through online banking (BFCULive) at   

A: YES. You may continue using either the Mobile App or log in to www.borderfcu.comm to transfer payments effective August 23, 2019. 

Q: Will all primary and secondary cardholders receive a new card?

A: YES. New cards will be mailed to all cardholders, regardless if they are primary or secondary cardholders.

Q: Will the secondary cardholder have a different card number than the primary cardholder?

A: No. The primary and secondary cardholders will share the same new card number, expiration date and CVV code.

Q: How can I make my credit card payment?

A: By mail at P.O. Box 660493, Dallas, TX 75266-0493 or online.